Requesting Service

Land owners in our service area wishing to apply for water and/or sewer service need to apply in person at the Customer Service Center in Relampago. The Corporation's Service Application and Service Agreement Form shall be completed in full and signed by the applicant. A Customer Service Representative will assist you in completing all the necessary documents. You must provide proof of ownership of the property where service has been requested in a manner acceptable to the corporation. This proof can be any of the following: Warranty Deed, Deed of Trust, Contract for Deed, or other recordable documentation of fee simple title to the real estate designated to receive service. You also need to present two forms of identification - one picture ID and one non-picture ID. A Right-of-Way Easement, Sanitary Control Easement, or other such easement form, required by the corporation as a condition of service, must be completed by the applicant for the purpose of allowing future facility additions.

Military Highway WSC will conduct an initial Service Investigation in order to determine what fees and charges must be paid before service is provided. In some cases, the landowner may be in a subdivision for which the developer has already paid all fees up front, therefore no fees or charges are necessary. If the property is not in a subdivision where fees have been paid, and once the service investigation has been completed, our service representative will call, or notify the applicant by mail, to inform him/her of the application approval and the costs of the new service. If the service request is at a location where there was a previously established water service, the Service Investigation is not necessary. Costs and charges of service activation will be determined at time of application.

Once all necessary documents have been executed and all fees paid, a work order will be generated for any required construction and installation of the water meter. Service will be provided within five (5) working days from the time of the work order.