Mission & Vision

The Mission of the Military Highway Water Supply Corporation is to provide plentiful, affordable, dependable, and quality water and wastewater service; to comply with all environmental and health standards; to improve the quality of life; to accommodate growth and new demand; and to maintain the public trust.

In carrying out this mission, we will:

  •     Exercise responsible fiscal mangement
  •     Ensure fair rates and charges
  •     Provide responsive and caring customer service
  •     Provide effective and efficient water and sewer operations
  •     Anticipate and respond to emergencies in a timely manner
  •     Ensure fair and open process involving the public
  •     Promote ethical behavior in the conduct of business
  •     Provide a safe and healthy work environment
  •     Promote environmental responsibility and stewardship

Proud of our past, committed to the present, and dedicated to the future.

Our Vision of Success is achieved through PeoplePerformance, and Partnerships

Customers.  We are dedicated to providing our customers and the communities that we serve with courteous, quality, and timely service. We operate in an open and accountable manner to ensure that those we serve are fully aware of the activities we undertake and the policies we adopt.

Employees.  We attract and retain a knowledgeable and motivated workforce. Our most innovative initiatives are generated and implemented by our employees, and we commit to recognizing and rewarding them for their exceptional contributions and teamwork. We respect, honor, and celebrate their diversity by creating a safe and welcoming environment that fosters growth and excellence.

Community and Economic Development.  We actively support community and economic development through an investment of our resources to assist those in need. Our ultimate goal is to assure that MHWSC promotes water as a reliable resource for job creation, economic investment, and an improved quality of life for our customers and neighbors throughout the region.

Safety.  The employees of MHWSC are our most valued asset, and we are committed to maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for them, and for anyone who may be affected by our work.

Water Supply. We provide a conservation and water supply strategy that meets regional needs. Implementing our plans make sufficient supplies of water available during normal conditions and critical drought periods.

Water Services. Our drinking water is delivered to the tap clear, pure, and ready to use whenever our customers need it. We pursue continuous improvement of our service delivery model, utilizing the most efficient processes to provide high quality water and wastewater service.

Water Quality and Environmental Stewardship. Our water and wastewater operations and water protection programs are designed to protect public health and the environment. We are committed to protecting our natural resources, so that the region continues to be an ideal place to visit or to raise a family.

Fiscal Responsibility. We deliver exceptional value for every dollar and strive to always provide the most affordable water and sewer service. We understand that transparent accounting and management of our financial resources is fundamental to earning and maintaining the trust of the community we serve.

Committment. We are genuinely committed to developing partnerships based on mutual respect and trust. Our reputation as a valued partner is derived from our willingness to listen and to identify opportunities that build on the strenghts of others. We are recognized as the provider of choice in the region and a model for small water and wastewater systems by our peers.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement